How to celebrate Sant Jordi this year?

The upcoming April 23, Sant Jordi is celebrated, a festivity of Catalan culture that is known for exchanging roses and books with those who you love. Barcelona is filled with book and roses stalls as well as activities that add to the celebration of the day.

For this 2023, we recommend you some plans that you cannot miss if you want to make the most of the day:

LITERARY ROUTE: Estudio34 has created a route of locations from a list of more than a 100 books that have been inspired by the streets of Barcelona; for its bookstores, libraries, bars and unique buildings. You will be able to find the Barcelona mentioned in books such as ‘La Catedral del Mar’, ‘La Plaza del Diamante’ and ‘El Quijote’. Do not miss it and discover what literary locations you can find just 5 minutes away from La França Travellers.

THE DECORATION OF CASA BATLLÓ: If you plan to walk around the city, we recommend you to see the decorated facade of Casa Batlló. Annually on April 23, they dress it in red roses and it catches the attention of those who pass by.

SANT JORDI MUSICAL: The old Estrella Damm factory hosts the well-known Sant Jordi Musical every year and this year it will be from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. with a wide variety of music and free tickets. It will have performances by artists such as Els Catarres, La Pegatina, 31 FAM and many more!

In addition, there will also be food trucks with local gastronomic offerings and a market that will be selling books, roses and other Sant Jordi-themed gifts.

LIVE THE TALE OF SANT JORDI: And if you feel like leaving Barcelona and enjoying Sant Jordi with a medieval atmosphere, we recommend you to visit Montblanc. The walls of Montblanc are part of Sant Jordi’s tale, which is why the Medieval Week of Sant Jordi is celebrated from April 22 to May 1. Throughout this week, the town is immersed in the medieval era and a multitude of activities are organized for both children and adults, such as the representation of trades, medieval cantatas and shows about the tale of Sant Jordi.

Seize the day and live a unique experience.

We are waiting for you at La França Travellers!

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