Mummies from Egypt: The new exhibition of CaixaForum

Only 10 minutes away from La França Travellers, is located CaixaForum, a cultural centre that has the purpose of  providing a meeting point between people, knowledge and dynamic places for all ages.

CaixaForum offers a program with a variety of activities, conferences, exhibitions and workshops; educating about music, visual and performing arts, cinema, architecture, design and science.

The new exhibition ‘Mummies from Egypt. Rediscovering six lives’ will be open until the next 24th of March. The visit will be coordinated by an educator that, while interacting with the audience in a dynamic way, will present the topic of the exhibition.

After completing the visit, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience in the Café-Restaurant Arcasa, where you will try the tasting menu created exclusively for this exhibition.

We are waiting for you in La França Travellers!

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